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Dorit Cohen

Dorit Cohen


Principal and Director of Interior Architectural Design

Born, raised, educated and inspired in Tel Aviv, Israel, Dorit Cohen is the founder and chief designer of DoritDesign, an Interior and Architectural design firm specializing in residential interiors.

Through the development of more than 40 projects in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan (along with 18 years of experience on more than 250 projects in Israel), Dorit fuses classic roots from European and Mediterranean cultures with contemporary motifs. The result is well-balanced sensibility that is at once modern, elegance and warm, created by the merger of timeless concept with focus on functionality in its scope.

Dorit’s firm employs highly talented architects, designers and renderers whom are knowledgeable in all aspects of new materials, finishes and architectural elements. To successfully bring a project to market, the firm’s ethic is “Involvement in every step – from design to completed construction”.

From a tow-dimensional plan, we work on every square inch to ensure the best combination of high space utilization and high design. From which point her firm transforms the concept into three-dimensional plan, adding unique elements and designing every finish and detail. Finally, during the construction stage, DoritDesign plans and coordinates between various contractors to ensure a seamless process and end result.

Dorit’s philosophy concludes that high design can be cost efficient and this belief guides us in each project.

Prior to founding DoritDesign, Dorit worked at her own firm in Israel, where she led the design of amazing Houses, Apartments and Showrooms. Mrs. Cohen studied Architecture & Interior Design at the University of Tel Aviv, Israel.

When Dorit isn’t directing NYC’s latest high design architecture, you can find her enjoying the best of L.I.C, Manhattan as well as Tel Aviv with her 3 daughters.